Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My YEAR-END Reflection – 2016 Special

It was a cold 2 AM the morning of December 31 when I suddenly woke up for no reason and found myself reminiscing significant things that happened this year 2016. Have I completed my life goals? This might be the cause of the repeating ads of Spotify in my ears saying year 2017 please be good to me, blah, blah, blah. Now, this drives me to reflect if year 2016 became really good to me. 


I still remember how I started my new year with another family. I’m with my “nanay-nanayan” in Bicol with her family and relatives which I’m thankful that I was treated like their real son. I remembered the sleepless nights singing with the videoke, laughing at each other’s life stories and joking around with everybody. It was a happy day for everyone.

Early this month, I’m also chosen to facilitate the poster making contest in our town’s bible week celebration on which I believe was a great privilege. I tend to do the radio guesting, meet high positioned people in the government and award the contest winners beside our very own municipal mayor. 

Late this month, I also had the opportunity to rescue one of my closest friend’s brothers. In absence of his older brother, I became his representative to give him food and shelter. I also had the chance to impart my life to him and help him decide to start fixing his life again and gave him another chance to live on a rightful way. 

However, things didn’t always work the way we planned them to be. This little kiddo went back to his mother and decided to go back to his practiced lifestyle. It was sad but the good thing is, I get to know him more and won him as a friend and a brother too. Cheers!


Valentine’s Day passed and I don’t care about it. (Because I am single that time.) This month wasn’t that great to me since I already left my government job that caused me having no money to spend on. Luckily, I saved a few bucks from my last salary in order to make our planned Catanduanes Escapade happen to my best friend. It was a birthday special tour for me, although my friend has a personal mission to fulfill there, I still considered it as my birthday tour. 

We stayed almost a week on the said island, made a city tour, met an old friend and wandered in some momentous places and pastures on it. It was a great birthday present for me and all I can say is wow! The beaches and sea views were really awesome. Truly, it was a paradise!


After the island escapade last month, I tried inserting a hiking experience the next month. It was cheaper than I thought. I did the trekking and trailing for two hours. I went to the cave and falls witnessing the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites and crystal clear water of the mountain falls. It was a fulfilling experience. The struggle was real, but all your weary will fade away upon seeing the beauty of His creation.


Happy April fool’s day! For I was fooled twice by my potential employers. It was a test of faith for me. I was twice pranked to almost sign the job order in these prestigious companies but became unsuccessful. The first one was, they called and told me that I passed their whole day test and scheduled me for a final interview. After a couple of minutes, they called again and feel sorry for me saying they just have mistaken calling me for my job application. The second one was, I was scheduled for contract signing and it was cancelled the night before the day of our schedule. Loser!

It was a twice heartbreak for me. All I can do was to trust God even more. I was in my prayer, crying and surrendering my frustrations to God and He answered me. Now, I was hired in a multi-national company that was even nearer to my place. The first two scenes almost freak me out. I almost lose hope. Then He showed me this. God really knows what is best for me. He gave me a full work gift package which includes good salary and benefit package. Yehey! This makes me trust Him more! Happy kiddo.  


Since I already have something for a living, we had this first (on their batch) youth ministry anniversary of our church with the theme of doing your best. It was a fun formal celebration, we had which includes the awards, pictorials and elections of new set of officers in our organization. I thanked God for the wonderful persons around me. I’m blessed to work with those young hearts that has a burning passion for their calling.

On the other hand, this month the PRC also released the list of passers of April 17 pencil and paper civil service exam. Fortunately, I passed the exam. I was one of the 11.07% passers in 200,000+ examinees. Passing this exam was another major blessing I received this year from above. I remembered the day I’m taking this exam, while on our travel to our room assignments, I forgot the ID I used in my exam application. I called my younger brother to follow me on the city and bring all my documents just to please the examiner to let me take the exam with the alternative IDs I have. 

Moreover, my exam story didn’t just end up there. There were spices that added to my hardship on said day. Since I didn’t have any work yet (I was hired 25th and the exam was 17th), I only have enough money to meet my transportation expenses during the examination day. One of my friends approached me and treated me a noodle soup for a breakfast. It was the best noodle soup I had for years since it was free and I’m starving in hunger. It was only 15 pesos and I don’t have that much money for myself. Every time I remember this, I felt pity for myself yet thankful that I have good friends along with me on this journey. 

Happily, my brother arrived just in time. I talked to the examiner and she brought up my situation to her supervisor. The supervisor had mercy on me and talked to me silently that she will let me take the exam without the proper ID but I should never broadcast and boast about it to others. She told me to be just thankful that she granted me the chance of taking the exam even without the complete requirement needed. And that’s it! I took the exam and went home starving. It was one of the things that I will certainly remember and be thankful for in my entire life.


“June please be good to me”. Those were the words I’m uttering while walking from GMA Kamuning EDSA going to Cubao, Quezon City just not to be late for my morning appointment. I remember how hard it is for me to walk fast in a formal attire under the heat of the striking sun along EDSA. That was a terrible experience I can’t forget. June should be good to me this 2017.


Unlike June, July was my friend. He let me experience company team building on a beach somewhere in north. I get to know other persons at work and win new friends. I even started to know my present girlfriend’s friends through the sleepless nights cause of the movie marathons we had. July showed me how grateful I am with my friends and I need to win and keep more like about them.


August 2016 was the turning point of my life. It was the fun month yet the most challenging also. I started accidentally dating someone whom I didn’t liked before. She was my girl today by the way. We’re good friends ended to be lovers. We had our first date this month and our roller coaster love story just started. I would like to really appreciate the movie “how to be yours” since it became my driving point on which ended asking myself, why I didn’t notice her before? She was beautiful, charming, educated and an ideal girl whom I’m praying for. August made me realized such moronic eyes I have not seen her for many years we had together. 


Having an extreme emotion the past month, the moment of truth has just arrived. I went to a province somewhere in south to talk to someone really important to me - a friend whom my girl loved before. I talked to him trying to save the friendship we had even I started to win his previous girl. Unfortunately, I never did. I was no superhero and I can’t save our friendship. It was a make or pass experience and I need to accept the consequences of my actions. I admitted to him what I feel for his ex-hoping it will be fine. The end result, the friendship ended and he started calling me names which I didn’t expect him to say. This was the saddest part of my life this year and yet the most challenging one to win over.


It was a big break for me. Good break in my career, ministry and love life. This month, I had the chance to be shared with another department at work. It was a good career development for me. It helped me to grow and explore more. I had also the chance to be a regular employee at work. I got to produce good results and be appreciated. The ministry I’m working with also have a good effect on our church. It wasn’t that perfect, but slowly the persons I’m handling we're continually learning and growing spiritually and my mentors appreciated it also.

Furthermore, October was also the time my old friend turned to be my girlfriend. She said yes to me! Yehey! She liked and loved me too. It was the happiest and longest day I had. I didn’t even believe I have a girlfriend now after 6 years of being single. God really sends us someone to love us when we’re ready. It was an upside down love story. We fight at times, we disagreed with other things but we managed to fix those up and understand our differences in personality, attitude and culture. 
Although it was a tough start, we’re praying that everything will be okay soon.  


Time to man up! Welcome to the reality. I need to plan ahead, be considerate to my partner and be strategic in life. November was the time to be serious. The truth is, I’m not getting any younger. The pressures were on, the demands were present, but I need to stand firm. Be flexible and learn to balance my time. These are the learning I got this month for my life was totally different from before. I am committed to giving time to someone I really cared for and yet I also need to be a son to my family and a brother to me little sister and brothers.

I should also be considering the ministry given to me. This month was a challenging month for me. Thank God I survived this season and hopefully learn how to manage my time well. November is my month of improvement and management. Wake up!


This month was a month of opportunities. This is the season of chances since I had the chance to represent my church in preaching God’s word in our Christmas night series night service. It was a one-step move forward in my ministry and I need to be strong about it. The challenge was accepted and I believe it became successful with the help of His spirit. 

I also have the chance to mentor a special friend who is soon to be famous in his generation. A person whom I believe had a lot of potential and we only need to awaken the sleeping giant inside of him. A special friend who is a great addition to my closest friends whom I treated as a brother. My brother from another mother, that’s what they called, not that identical in physical but identical in spirit.

Lastly, I also had the chance to meet my girlfriend’s family and relatives. It was another opportunity to prove myself that I can take care of their daughter. A chance to know them more and understand the way they show love to their family. It was quite nervous yet fulfilling to feel that you are already accepted in their family. 

This year 2016 was a blast in my life. It was the most productive year I have in my whole life. Hopefully, the blessings, opportunities and chances I had this year will continue in the upcoming year 2017 and be greater even more. I thank God for the tests overcome, helps to present and blessings given to me. You are truly an awesome God.

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