Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Life Goals: Ask God About It

If you were enlightened on my previous post about Quarter life crisis and how you should face it, you'll be surely needing to read this post I wrote as an application to what you've been aware of.

Given these points, let's sit down and start writing our life goals before it was too late. I started to make my own and I came down to these ten life goals I have.

1. Get married before 30.
2. Retire with Php. 10 Million.
3. Become an entrepreneur.
4. Fall in love with someone beautiful.
5. Make my parents proud of how much I earn.
6. Build my own home.
7. Make many friends.
8. Travel the world with that special person.
9. Find happiness in the luxury.
10. Find someone whom you can live with.

Honestly, I already shortened it to be concise and used generic terms relating and reaching everybody's present situation. I wanted them to get connected to what we are experiencing as young adults. I read this list countless times and assured that I didn't miss anything. This lifetime objective list was absolutely a summary of what a typical man wanted to happen in his life.

However, this was the most surprising twist in my life. One of my devotions this month revealed me what really matters most. God made me recall these two life verses that seem so ordinary to me because I always hear it in my mom and at church whenever someone is preaching about their ambitions and dreams in life.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3

One day while I'm on my travel going south to refresh my soul, I stared at the window and reflect the things I've been doing for the past years. I asked myself questions like, “where I have been all my life?” Since, I never had any good answers for myself so I asked God.

“Lord, I knew this verse already so what do you want me to do with this? It's quite a common verse I constantly heard from every leader in our church and how it was connected to my life goals? Are you going to send me my lifetime partner now?”

And that didn’t hide my excitement in my face. It was like saying “Lord, it’s been years I’ve been waiting.” And this is what He told me.

“You have a change of heart.”

It was a big question mark in mind, then I realized, the moment I delighted myself to the Lord in the past years. There was a change of heart. He replaced these desires with godly desires. I was like, Lord I knew it. The time I focused and surrendered my life to you was the same time I turned back from the world’s offered desires. The views of my life were changed.

It was the perfect moment to read the second revealed verse Proverbs 16:3 again and recognized that there wasn't really like building your own plans but rather having faith in His plans in your life. It was always His plans that will surely be best in you. Then I went back to my list and these are what He did.

1. Get married before 30.
                              when you're really ready

2. Retire with Php. 10 Million.
                               loads of precious memories

3. Become an entrepreneur.

4. Fall in love with someone beautiful.
                                       inner beauty

5. Make my parents proud of how much I earn.
                                                             happy I am

6. Build my own home.

7. Make many friends.

8. Travel the world with that special person.

9. Find happiness in the luxury.

10. Find someone whom you can live with.
                                                  can’t live without

He made a slight change in my wordings but it totally changed the whole statement I have. At the first glance, the original list was like perfect to me, but God's view was totally different. He showed me what really matters most in our lives and focus on trusting Him more than my own capability. It was really an awesome conversation with God and I felt like saying,” Lord, you got me on this again. You already.” I hope you can find your life goals and life verses today. I suggest to start it with a prayer.

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