Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cine Europa #Selfie

10 days upon knowing the free movies offered by the Shangrila Mall Cinema One in Shaw-boulevard area, I immediately tried to experience at-least one free film showing. Luckily, I get to watch the last full show entitled #Selfie at 8:30 PM. Since it was my first time to watch on this so called mall for elite people, I was so observant that I am able to pay attention to how people act in this place. 
In the mall, there were only few people wandering around for shopping. No group of people racing to buy for the high sales percentages offered by the stores. They were all in classy style and standards. I rarely notice fast-food chains only restaurants. Inside the cinema, there were not disturbing voices heard, no cell phones opened and no seatmates eating and talking to each other. They were all in focus watching the movie. It was a great experience watching with those people who know what movie etiquette is. Their reactions towards the movie were really professional, including the applause you will hear after when they liked film in general. They also entered and exit the cinemas without unnecessary step and chat noises.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Being Single And How To Be Good At It?

I'm not that good in writing, but I know something I believe I am good at, that is being SINGLE. If you are reading my previous blog posts or have watched The Achy, Breaky Hearts movie you might have an idea on what I am trying to say. Today, I can give you a different perspective in singlehood. Being single was never an easy thing, right? You will be surrounded with a lot of temptations, peer pressures, entertainment love fantasies and the like. The media always fed up our minds that it was not cool to be single through a lot of love teams, love shows, and love movies being offered in our eyes. We can also notice that as the generation goes by, love has been injected in a younger audience, telling that it’s okay to be in a relationship at the younger age.

Furthermore, going into social media, there were grade school students who practiced engagement proposals to their partners in their schools and their schoolmates were shouting and shaking with excitement because of the actual romance they've witnessed. It was really a different world now. After watching that video proposal of this grade school student, I feel like comparing myself to him. At that time, I only knew crushes and studies I didn’t even know what proposal and engagement was. And then I flashed back and asked myself, how would I know if at that age,

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tired Of Everything

tired of everything
I was literally tired today not just because the overloading tasks at work and the stress it gives to me but also about other things in life. I get exhausted with my emotions and end up not knowing what I should be feeling. Mentally, I don't want to think of all the problems I'm facing but it ends up to overthinking.

Yesterday, I was alone at the office and most of my workmates already went home. I browsed my Facebook and I found this article worth reading in Open Letters That Matter's page with the caption "Read This When You're Tired of Everything". It was a long letter and the writer really caught up what I am experiencing right now. It was a hope booster for me and I was encouraged to understand what life might be teaching me. I must commend the original author of this which is Ms. Heidi Priebe. She is a staff writer at Thought Catalog. You are not just beautiful, but an extraordinary woman that can touch the hearts of your readers. Thank you. 

Here's the letter:

I know what it’s like to feel tired – and not just in the physical sense.
The world that we live in is an exhausting place to be. It is wearing. It is thankless. It is endlessly trying and scarcely rewarding. You’re tired simply because you live in it. You’re tired of loving too much, caring too much, giving too much to a world that never gives anything back. You are tired of investing in indefinite outcomes. You’re tired of uncertainties. Tired of grey.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Home Credit Reviews

I am one of the thousands of people working at home in an outsourcing company and it is very vital to us to have a good conditioned laptop and a fast speed internet at home. These things are our tools to survive for a living. This is the reason why I write this post to appreciate Home Credit Philippines in financing my Acer laptop purchase even without a credit card. Here's the story.

This Wednesday while working, my Acer laptop shutdown by itself and can't be rebooted anymore. I tried everything I know to make it work, but it seems that my efforts were not working. 

In that case, I decided to send it to the computer technician and wait for its repair. Unfortunately, it takes 3-5 days and it will cost me a lot to repair my computer. That's the time I need to think how I will fasten the process to get back to work. I check my laptop if it is still worthy to be repaired of and just realized that it was almost 3 years and already depreciated. I'm thinking of buying a new one in replacement of my old laptop. I went to check my savings bank account and sadly, I only got Php 7,000 on my ATM. How will I buy a new laptop then? I didn't have credit cards also which needs to present to purchase of something in credit. Well at the first place, I didn't want to have such card for it only feeds my impulsive buying behavior. Under those circumstances, I went home upset, thinking how I will get a new laptop.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Life Goals: Ask God About It

If you were enlightened on my previous post about Quarter life crisis and how you should face it, you'll be surely needing to read this post I wrote as an application to what you've been aware of.

Given these points, let's sit down and start writing our life goals before it was too late. I started to make my own and I came down to these ten life goals I have.

1. Get married before 30.
2. Retire with Php. 10 Million.
3. Become an entrepreneur.
4. Fall in love with someone beautiful.
5. Make my parents proud of how much I earn.
6. Build my own home.
7. Make many friends.
8. Travel the world with that special person.
9. Find happiness in the luxury.
10. Find someone whom you can live with.

Quarter Life Crisis: The Monster Inside Your Head

If you are somewhere in the mid-twenties to thirties and you feel like you're out of purposed, hopeless, regretful and lost. And if you're anything like me who feels deceived by your own choices in life or misguided by your previous actions, felt restless, burdened and pressured. You are not alone. Everyone experience this kind of monster you are fighting from within. When one of my friends posted on facebook this kind of stage of her life, I got an idea on what I am experiencing now. And even after knowing what I should be doing, some day in my life, I still feel the same way.

Some called it the monster in our heads that question as if I am pursuing the right career. If, I didn't resigned or terminated at my previous work? If I myself decided to really choose my previous career and be a master in that industry. What will happen in my life? Those are the questions and what ifs that keeps wandering in my head. 

Humanity keeps on searching for something they didn't know what they’re searching for. Personally, I tried studying a technical course for two years with the help of my parents, then I worked in a marketing industry then shifted to the IT industry. I tried the office based and home based jobs. I even got the chance to work in the government and the field work. I studied for the second time around while working and graduated with an Accounting course which I didn't really wanted. And now, I'm working in the Human Resource department. Looking back to the things I've done in my life. I asked myself, what do I really like?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Laugh And Love: The Achy Breaky Hearts Movie

Yesterday, I went to meet my CPA friend working in Makati near Ayala Malls. We're both a movie goer and we find ourselves good partners in this hobby even before in college. Upon meeting each other we never stop chatting around while going to the cinemas. When we get in one of the cinemas in Ayala Malls, the movie so called The Achy Breaky Hearts starring Richard Yap, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Ian Veneracion were showing that day. We were really a fan of a romantic comedy movie and this love triangle movie caught our attention so we immediately went to the movie ticket booth to reserve our seats.

Surprisingly, when we get into the first cinema, it was fully booked until 10:45pm. It was three hours ahead of the time we inquired about the said movie. For this reason, we looked for the next movie theatre and luckily found one in Greenbelt 1 Cinema. Just in time, we got two movie tickets at the center part and proceed to take our dinner first at the nearest fast food chain.

Since I am very much excited to watch this movie, I already read the story plot before I meet my friend. I must commend director Antoinette Jadaone for combining these three great artists into one movie. It is going to be fun – that’s the only thing wandering in my mind at that moment.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hashtag: Salary Problems

I heard massive employee stories who get pissed off in their office because of different reasons. Most of their reasons were salary related problems like delayed or underpaid salaries and unjustified salary deductions. I believe there's more you experienced at work and these were only a few reasons why we feel hard to wake up in the morning to prepare yourselves and travel to work. Not including here the hassles we experienced before going to work, but we will not talk about those stuffs outside the office. In this post, we'll be talking more about how to get rid of the salary related problems we encountered. We will detailed different situations and suggest potential solutions that might be applicable to your current situation.

Work Problem #1: Salary Related Problems
These are the complications related to your salaries. There are companies that might be delaying salaries for some reasons, especially the government agencies due to their slow paced payroll system. It seems to be that the deferred salary had been already a part of their life as a government employee.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Life As It Supposed To Be

Life as it is described by many, seems to be unfair. Let us accept the fact that there are people who seem to have everything but they long for immaterial things like love, caring, attention etc. which you cannot get through your gadgets, credit cards, money and huge houses. On the other hand, there are people who have experienced abundant love, tender care, undying support, loving family and responsible partner in life and yet didn't have enough material things or worse, they lack in a lot of important things in life. They have a shortage of money, food, clothes and shelter.  That’s the reality.

Furthermore, some wished for a healthy body, sexy abs and good health condition. Others wanted to add weight (lucky one) or be healed of their illness. There are some who wanted to change the system of our country.