Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Life Goals: Ask God About It

If you were enlightened on my previous post about Quarter life crisis and how you should face it, you'll be surely needing to read this post I wrote as an application to what you've been aware of.

Given these points, let's sit down and start writing our life goals before it was too late. I started to make my own and I came down to these ten life goals I have.

1. Get married before 30.
2. Retire with Php. 10 Million.
3. Become an entrepreneur.
4. Fall in love with someone beautiful.
5. Make my parents proud of how much I earn.
6. Build my own home.
7. Make many friends.
8. Travel the world with that special person.
9. Find happiness in the luxury.
10. Find someone whom you can live with.

Quarter Life Crisis: The Monster Inside Your Head

If you are somewhere in the mid-twenties to thirties and you feel like you're out of purposed, hopeless, regretful and lost. And if you're anything like me who feels deceived by your own choices in life or misguided by your previous actions, felt restless, burdened and pressured. You are not alone. Everyone experience this kind of monster you are fighting from within. When one of my friends posted on facebook this kind of stage of her life, I got an idea on what I am experiencing now. And even after knowing what I should be doing, some day in my life, I still feel the same way.

Some called it the monster in our heads that question as if I am pursuing the right career. If, I didn't resigned or terminated at my previous work? If I myself decided to really choose my previous career and be a master in that industry. What will happen in my life? Those are the questions and what ifs that keeps wandering in my head. 

Humanity keeps on searching for something they didn't know what they’re searching for. Personally, I tried studying a technical course for two years with the help of my parents, then I worked in a marketing industry then shifted to the IT industry. I tried the office based and home based jobs. I even got the chance to work in the government and the field work. I studied for the second time around while working and graduated with an Accounting course which I didn't really wanted. And now, I'm working in the Human Resource department. Looking back to the things I've done in my life. I asked myself, what do I really like?