Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hashtag: Salary Problems

I heard massive employee stories who get pissed off in their office because of different reasons. Most of their reasons were salary related problems like delayed or underpaid salaries and unjustified salary deductions. I believe there's more you experienced at work and these were only a few reasons why we feel hard to wake up in the morning to prepare yourselves and travel to work. Not including here the hassles we experienced before going to work, but we will not talk about those stuffs outside the office. In this post, we'll be talking more about how to get rid of the salary related problems we encountered. We will detailed different situations and suggest potential solutions that might be applicable to your current situation.

Work Problem #1: Salary Related Problems
These are the complications related to your salaries. There are companies that might be delaying salaries for some reasons, especially the government agencies due to their slow paced payroll system. It seems to be that the deferred salary had been already a part of their life as a government employee.

Another is, you know that you are at your low paying job and unfounded salary deductions and yet you still choose to stay. For some reason, I find it tough to understand why sometimes, we decide on to stay knowing that the foremost reason behind why we work so hard in our offices, is because we wanted to earn more. I'm not saying it generally since I believe some worked for their passion. They really valued their job and it supports their life advocacy and they truly feel self fulfillment upon helping other people. However, most of us works for the purpose of money to fulfill our financial responsibilities in our family.

Practically speaking, we wanted to survive in this life and we can't ensure that if we didn't have something to do for a living. That is the reason why utmost of the employees hated delaying their salaries. Writing this blog post didn't exempt me from experiencing this problem. I know how it feels. I also experienced working in a company where they unintentionally delayed our salaries and the people came and enraged to their boss and to the accounting department regarding their delayed payroll. We kept on asking questions why we still didn't receive our wages. What happened next? People started to become furious and planned to leave the company. For the couple of hours, there will be different speculations why this thing happened and as a listener, you didn't know what's true about it. Let us admit that when it comes to money, we can easily get angered, especially if you are already expecting that money to come to the certain date. It is good if you aren't experienced it yet, but if you will, I guess you will be the one who is surely irritated in that situation.

On the parts of the parents, there were instances that ahead from our payday, we are already creating our budget plans. What payables should I pay first? You also have compromises to other people because you are certainly expecting that you'll receive your money and yet it didn't. That's indeed annoying us since we will be in humiliated to the person we agreed on to pay on or we'll acquire penalties and additional charges to the bills we need to settle for a definite date. That will make me impatient.

Moving forward to the other salary glitches, there are some people who received a low net salary because of the deductions they got which they didn't know why they should be deducted off. The same with the too much work load given to you, but received a very low salary in return. What should I be doing to obtain what I really wanted at work?

Proposed Solutions:
If you are the one who experienced these kind of salary problems, first you need to ask your payroll specialist regarding the deductions in your salaries. You shouldn't be ashamed of asking because it is your right to ask what the purpose of those deductions are. You should know your right and practice it right.

In addition to that, you also need to think several times why should I stay in this company I am with. I know there are great opportunities ahead of you and you only need to be strong enough to catch up and work in your career. When you are furious with your employer, admit it or not, the productivity of your work will be affected. Consider of resigning and looking for a new job who pays you on time.

Together with those persons who considered themselves being abused because of the too much work load passed to you. If you honestly feel that you can't handle it anymore, then quit. If you are increasing your time at work because of your overtimes, deadlines and late night meetings you are consciously decreasing your time to your family. You'll have less time cuddling with your wife and children and you get easily angered because of the pressures and stress at work.

I can say these things since it is based from what I personally experienced and I am writing this to prevent this to your own family. Personally, my advice is if you see your work didn't fit for you or didn't work well for you, start looking for other opportunities. This isn't the end of your career, you'll just setting your priorities and getting a better lifestyle at work and at home. Many people say that if you find yourself hard to wake up every morning to go at work, you are not happy anymore. Stand up and look for better opportunities in your life.

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