Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My YEAR-END Reflection – 2016 Special

It was a cold 2 AM the morning of December 31 when I suddenly woke up for no reason and found myself reminiscing significant things that happened this year 2016. Have I completed my life goals? This might be the cause of the repeating ads of Spotify in my ears saying year 2017 please be good to me, blah, blah, blah. Now, this drives me to reflect if year 2016 became really good to me. 


I still remember how I started my new year with another family. I’m with my “nanay-nanayan” in Bicol with her family and relatives which I’m thankful that I was treated like their real son. I remembered the sleepless nights singing with the videoke, laughing at each other’s life stories and joking around with everybody. It was a happy day for everyone.

Early this month, I’m also chosen to facilitate the poster making contest in our town’s bible week celebration on which I believe was a great privilege. I tend to do the radio guesting, meet high positioned people in the government and award the contest winners beside our very own municipal mayor.