Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cine Europa #Selfie

10 days upon knowing the free movies offered by the Shangrila Mall Cinema One in Shaw-boulevard area, I immediately tried to experience at-least one free film showing. Luckily, I get to watch the last full show entitled #Selfie at 8:30 PM. Since it was my first time to watch on this so called mall for elite people, I was so observant that I am able to pay attention to how people act in this place. 
In the mall, there were only few people wandering around for shopping. No group of people racing to buy for the high sales percentages offered by the stores. They were all in classy style and standards. I rarely notice fast-food chains only restaurants. Inside the cinema, there were not disturbing voices heard, no cell phones opened and no seatmates eating and talking to each other. They were all in focus watching the movie. It was a great experience watching with those people who know what movie etiquette is. Their reactions towards the movie were really professional, including the applause you will hear after when they liked film in general. They also entered and exit the cinemas without unnecessary step and chat noises.

Technically, with these kind of people surrounding me, I really enjoyed the experience which ended by writing a movie review for the said #selfie movie.

Movie Review

#Selfie 2014
Cristina Iacob
Lead Characters:
Olimpia Melinte - Roxana
Flavia Hojda - Ana
Crina Semciuc - Yasmine
Vlad Logigan - George
Alex Călin - Bogdan
Levent Sali - Mihai
Genre: Comedy

#Selfie movie is about three teenage girls running away to the seaside two days before their finals to have the time of their lives together before going to college. Instead of staying home just like what Ana (Flavia Hojda) mostly do, Yasmine (Crina Semciuc) and Roxi (Olimpia Melinte) drag up Ana in different bars and places. They decided to extremely complete their adolescence with a blast! These girls were determined to live the last weekend before their exams as if it was the last days of their lives. This means breaking every rule at home and in love without thinking about the consequences it will give. They were wandering around looking for fun, adrenaline, excitement and adventure not expecting that they will also find love. Their journey gave them an adrenaline rush upon meeting other three boy youngsters named George (Vlad Logigan), Bogdan (Alex Călin) and Mihai (Levent Sali) who try to outwit them around, but yet ended friends and lovers more than they can imagine. 
In my opinion, this movie is a breath of fresh air from the eastern European industry. Usually movies from that area look into the unsolved frustrations from the Soviet past. The story feeds the craving wilderness behind every adolescent's mind. It shows the full pack adventures that are closer to the habits of the current generation: using social media and having a carefree type of attitude. Compared to the Philippine's culture, I was surprised that there were parents in Europe that are conservative in approaching their children just like Ana's father. Director Cristina Iacob successfully shows the culture of teenage youth in Romans in fun and silly way.

Furthermore, comparing to the other teenage concept movie The Reunion (2012) here in the Philippines, the director didn't established well the family backgrounds of each characteristic. It lacks on showing the behind stories of each main character being portrayed. However the cinematography, soundtrack and the story scripts were perfectly made and executed and it has successfully driven the spectators in a roller coaster ride of adventures. 
Flavia Hojda is always stays beautiful all throughout the movie. It is perfect that she opened the movie with her singing. Her irresistible cute face and talent brought charm to the audience. Moreover, Olimpia Melinte was in a steady presence in the director's chair. She's not about to elevate material, necessarily but she's the kind of girl that will guarantee to show a real romantic teenage dream. This film really belongs to the best friends. It can be argued that Crina Semciuc was the highlighted one in this movie because of the massive presence among them all that brings the film a different spices in the story. All three girls were tremendous in this movie. They portrayed different personalities and attitude of the youth generation and their acting cannot be equal to each other. 

The #Selfie is a lot of fun. Those looking for an upside down friendship, adventure story will never be disappointed. They're brought to attach the digital world to the never ending friendship goals of our present generation.

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