Monday, June 20, 2016

Life As It Supposed To Be

Life as it is described by many, seems to be unfair. Let us accept the fact that there are people who seem to have everything but they long for immaterial things like love, caring, attention etc. which you cannot get through your gadgets, credit cards, money and huge houses. On the other hand, there are people who have experienced abundant love, tender care, undying support, loving family and responsible partner in life and yet didn't have enough material things or worse, they lack in a lot of important things in life. They have a shortage of money, food, clothes and shelter.  That’s the reality.

Furthermore, some wished for a healthy body, sexy abs and good health condition. Others wanted to add weight (lucky one) or be healed of their illness. There are some who wanted to change the system of our country.

The long waiting hours in MRT, the overloading passengers on the EDSA buses, and the uncomfortable rides on a jeepney and other social issues which the poor and the average families were mostly affected. At some point in our lives, while we walk to our office, wait for the trains to arrive or while eating in our favorite fast food chain, we dreamed of an easy way of life.

I remember the time when I think that life seems to be unreasonable when I worked in the government who is responsible in decreasing the poverty in my country. The work was fun yet challenging. I went to rural places. I reach out the poor families, I looked for the poorest of the poor in my town province. The 9 months of working seems to be enjoying and I have no regret in working on that project even the system was really bad. Because in those communities I went, I bring hope to the people, and smiles in their faces.  It also boosted my compassion as a human. I witnessed how hard life is for them and every day for them seems to be a battle of survival.

This is the reason why I created this lifestyle blog to help people in getting what they wanted. Let me share you my experiences in order to guide you along your way.  Let me also introduced you some things you didn't know yet which you can get and enjoy already. Let’s talk about the strategic ways to play the game so called LIFE.

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