Friday, August 12, 2016

Home Credit Reviews

I am one of the thousands of people working at home in an outsourcing company and it is very vital to us to have a good conditioned laptop and a fast speed internet at home. These things are our tools to survive for a living. This is the reason why I write this post to appreciate Home Credit Philippines in financing my Acer laptop purchase even without a credit card. Here's the story.

This Wednesday while working, my Acer laptop shutdown by itself and can't be rebooted anymore. I tried everything I know to make it work, but it seems that my efforts were not working. 

In that case, I decided to send it to the computer technician and wait for its repair. Unfortunately, it takes 3-5 days and it will cost me a lot to repair my computer. That's the time I need to think how I will fasten the process to get back to work. I check my laptop if it is still worthy to be repaired of and just realized that it was almost 3 years and already depreciated. I'm thinking of buying a new one in replacement of my old laptop. I went to check my savings bank account and sadly, I only got Php 7,000 on my ATM. How will I buy a new laptop then? I didn't have credit cards also which needs to present to purchase of something in credit. Well at the first place, I didn't want to have such card for it only feeds my impulsive buying behavior. Under those circumstances, I went home upset, thinking how I will get a new laptop.