Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Laugh And Love: The Achy Breaky Hearts Movie

Yesterday, I went to meet my CPA friend working in Makati near Ayala Malls. We're both a movie goer and we find ourselves good partners in this hobby even before in college. Upon meeting each other we never stop chatting around while going to the cinemas. When we get in one of the cinemas in Ayala Malls, the movie so called The Achy Breaky Hearts starring Richard Yap, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Ian Veneracion were showing that day. We were really a fan of a romantic comedy movie and this love triangle movie caught our attention so we immediately went to the movie ticket booth to reserve our seats.

Surprisingly, when we get into the first cinema, it was fully booked until 10:45pm. It was three hours ahead of the time we inquired about the said movie. For this reason, we looked for the next movie theatre and luckily found one in Greenbelt 1 Cinema. Just in time, we got two movie tickets at the center part and proceed to take our dinner first at the nearest fast food chain.

Since I am very much excited to watch this movie, I already read the story plot before I meet my friend. I must commend director Antoinette Jadaone for combining these three great artists into one movie. It is going to be fun – that’s the only thing wandering in my mind at that moment.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hashtag: Salary Problems

I heard massive employee stories who get pissed off in their office because of different reasons. Most of their reasons were salary related problems like delayed or underpaid salaries and unjustified salary deductions. I believe there's more you experienced at work and these were only a few reasons why we feel hard to wake up in the morning to prepare yourselves and travel to work. Not including here the hassles we experienced before going to work, but we will not talk about those stuffs outside the office. In this post, we'll be talking more about how to get rid of the salary related problems we encountered. We will detailed different situations and suggest potential solutions that might be applicable to your current situation.

Work Problem #1: Salary Related Problems
These are the complications related to your salaries. There are companies that might be delaying salaries for some reasons, especially the government agencies due to their slow paced payroll system. It seems to be that the deferred salary had been already a part of their life as a government employee.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Life As It Supposed To Be

Life as it is described by many, seems to be unfair. Let us accept the fact that there are people who seem to have everything but they long for immaterial things like love, caring, attention etc. which you cannot get through your gadgets, credit cards, money and huge houses. On the other hand, there are people who have experienced abundant love, tender care, undying support, loving family and responsible partner in life and yet didn't have enough material things or worse, they lack in a lot of important things in life. They have a shortage of money, food, clothes and shelter.  That’s the reality.

Furthermore, some wished for a healthy body, sexy abs and good health condition. Others wanted to add weight (lucky one) or be healed of their illness. There are some who wanted to change the system of our country.