Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Laugh And Love: The Achy Breaky Hearts Movie

Yesterday, I went to meet my CPA friend working in Makati near Ayala Malls. We're both a movie goer and we find ourselves good partners in this hobby even before in college. Upon meeting each other we never stop chatting around while going to the cinemas. When we get in one of the cinemas in Ayala Malls, the movie so called The Achy Breaky Hearts starring Richard Yap, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Ian Veneracion were showing that day. We were really a fan of a romantic comedy movie and this love triangle movie caught our attention so we immediately went to the movie ticket booth to reserve our seats.

Surprisingly, when we get into the first cinema, it was fully booked until 10:45pm. It was three hours ahead of the time we inquired about the said movie. For this reason, we looked for the next movie theatre and luckily found one in Greenbelt 1 Cinema. Just in time, we got two movie tickets at the center part and proceed to take our dinner first at the nearest fast food chain.

Since I am very much excited to watch this movie, I already read the story plot before I meet my friend. I must commend director Antoinette Jadaone for combining these three great artists into one movie. It is going to be fun – that’s the only thing wandering in my mind at that moment.

The movie started from the conversation of Chinggay's circle of single friends talking about a lot of things about their previous love lives. You will keep on laughing from the very start because of the reality you can relate on into each character. I admired how Jodi Sta. Maria performed as the main character in the movie. She was really funny and witty. As an audience, I can easily relate to the bitterness that the characters experienced, how they trash talk their ex partners and look for the reasons why they were left alone trying to convince yourself that you are okay. Everyone in the cinema was attentive watching and I haven't heard anyone who tried to disturb their seatmates or make any unnecessary noises in the theater.

This story was engaging to those young professionals who has been single for a long year. It is for those persons what has a hard time moving on from their past relationships. The end result, they focused more in their careers and family responsibilities. Chinggay also highlighted the bread winners out there who decided to stop on dating and embraced the responsibilities as the eldest one in the family, - this film is perfectly made for you.

Furthermore, the story was relatable to me for being in late twenties, single for several years and the bread winner of the family. I hail the scriptwriter of this movie for making it genuinely real. The amusing character of Chinggay (Jodi Sta. Maria) really captured our attention as a man. Her personality was really an eye catching. She can easily make a man fall in love because of her crazy little things she did that makes a guy smile and laugh at her. Her behavior gave life to the story.

On the other hand, these two guys competing for the heart of Chinggay were Ryan (Ian Veneracion) and Frank (Richard Yap) made the movie extra special. These two hot dads of this generation make it hard for Chinggay to choose between them. Ryan was a charming, mysterious and cute bachelor who was trying to propose to his long-time girlfriend but was rejected because of a third party. He was suffering from a heartache from a previous relationship and Chinggay was there to help him up, but they suddenly found each other falling in love so fast. And their fast paced love story became also their conflict, questioning Ryan if he really moved on from his ex-girlfriend or does he only made her a rebound to move on. They have a lot of funny and “kilig” scenes in the movie that really captured the hearts of the audience.

Moreover, Frank was Chinggay's ex-boyfriend trying to win her back after proving himself that he changed. Frank's gorgeous body and business tycoon appeal made her put into emotional roller-coaster. Chinggay who is pretending that she already moved on still made time to be with Frank trying to distress him and made him feel his loss.

The movie was full of surprises. It was a jam-packed comedy film that will make you fall in love. The story was playful and you will find yourself drooling because of the overloading hotness, charisma and appeal of these two rival characters into the heart of Chinggay. At some part in the movie, I already guess whom she will choose and how the story is going to end. And speaking of the ending, it was not that typical romantic comedy movie finale we watched on big screens. This one is far more different and I believe, they gave a justified ending to their story. It was a realistic one that you will all agreed on.

The long walk at the malls transfer from one building to another was relieved after watching the movie. The audience was also waiting for the bloopers, but unfortunately, the director didn't put any. Generally, I will give this movie a thumbs up and a four star rating. I will not be surprised if it became one of the top grosser romantic comedy films of this year. Happy watching! Cheers for all the singles here who choose to be happy.

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