Friday, August 12, 2016

Home Credit Reviews

I am one of the thousands of people working at home in an outsourcing company and it is very vital to us to have a good conditioned laptop and a fast speed internet at home. These things are our tools to survive for a living. This is the reason why I write this post to appreciate Home Credit Philippines in financing my Acer laptop purchase even without a credit card. Here's the story.

This Wednesday while working, my Acer laptop shutdown by itself and can't be rebooted anymore. I tried everything I know to make it work, but it seems that my efforts were not working. 

In that case, I decided to send it to the computer technician and wait for its repair. Unfortunately, it takes 3-5 days and it will cost me a lot to repair my computer. That's the time I need to think how I will fasten the process to get back to work. I check my laptop if it is still worthy to be repaired of and just realized that it was almost 3 years and already depreciated. I'm thinking of buying a new one in replacement of my old laptop. I went to check my savings bank account and sadly, I only got Php 7,000 on my ATM. How will I buy a new laptop then? I didn't have credit cards also which needs to present to purchase of something in credit. Well at the first place, I didn't want to have such card for it only feeds my impulsive buying behavior. Under those circumstances, I went home upset, thinking how I will get a new laptop.

I went to a computer shop to play an online game to lessen the burden that I feel. I still try to search in Google here in the Philippines ways to purchase a laptop even without a credit card. I searched for "buy laptop without credit card" and I found GirlyGeekPh by Irene Enriquez saying ways to get a brand new gadget in installment without a credit card. She introduced the two store loans financing company here in the Philippines.

"So, here’s how I did it. I asked the shops if they have installment plans which doesn’t require credit cards and they did! I actually found two loan services with different shops. Home Credit and Aeon Credit have partnered with retail stores to give loans with little interest so, that you can get your brand new gadget after just an hour or less of transaction."

A part of Irene's blog post in GirlyGeekPh 

There were stars in my eyes after reading this blog. However, I still asked advices to my friends on Facebook and most of them we're in neutral decision. They also have an idea about Home Credit Philippines than Aeon Credit so I choose the most branded one. One of my friends, who is a subscriber of Artsy Fartsy Ava Blog also shared with me Ava's home credit review about this business so I checked it via Facebook.

"The process is just really easy, simple, and fast. All you need to do is to present 2 valid IDs and for as long as you meet the following requirements, you automatically become a candidate to apply for a Home Credit loan."

  • Filipino Citizen
  • Employed (at least 3 months), self-employed, businessman/woman, or receives regular remittance
  • Primary IDs (at least 1 with address) SSS or GSIS, driver’s license, voter’s ID, passport, UMID, PRC
  • Or you can also show them any of your Supporting documents – Philhealth card, credit/savings card, Postal ID, NBI Clearance, Company ID, Remittance slip, Salary Slip, Certificate of employment, Bank/account statement, electricity bill, water bill, phone bill, mobile bill, barangay clearance, Pag-IBIG/HDMF card.

"As soon as she was able to take note of the stuff I wanted to get, we went inside their office to fill up some forms and discuss about the loan terms of Home Credit. It was timely since they were also holding their SM Hulugang Pinagaan promo, which presented two loan terms and offers:

  • 12 Months – When you diligently pay the first 11 installments on or before the due date, the last month will be FREE!
  • 24 Months – Almost similar with the 12 months, but with this, if you pay the first 22 installments on or before due date, the last two months are FREE!"
A part of Ava's blog post in Artsy Fartsy Ava 

This home credit review boosted my desire to go on a consumer loan like her.
I checked their website and look for any available laptop promos, luckily I saw their Acer Aspire ES14 at 0% interest promo.

I clicked on the selected Acer stores and participating Home Credit partner retailers, so see where directly will I go.

Immediately, I went to SM North EDSA in West Avenue Quezon City. I looked for the PC Express store and checked the Acer laptop I wanted. Their sales assistant approached me about what model I am looking at. I immediately told her about my purpose in home credit so she assisted me, let me fill in their form and asked few questions.

After almost 20 minutes of waiting, they texted me that my loan was approved so I went back to the store and do the contract signing. They will also explain you their policies and rewards if you became a good payer. Those rewards motivated me to pay my monthly installments before due dates.

To summarize, Home Credit's financing services was a big help to us consumers to get our needed things easily. Situations like this was inevitable, we still need to keep a portion of our salary as our savings in order to have enough money to use when an incident like this happened. Thank you to Home Credit as they became my saving friend in purchasing my new laptop. In return, I need to be a responsible borrower to pay back the services they offered to me. Again, thank you for the helping hand. :)


  1. Buti nalang may ganitong home credit review. Puro kasi negative ang nababasa ko sa internet. May good din pala. Dapat lang talaga marunong akong magbayad sa tamang oras.

    1. Home Credit is good, actually helped us to have our very own and first flat screen television for our new home, however, 1st month palang prior to my due date, they have been pestering me over the phone reminding me of my due. If they say na 27th of the month, you should pay 24th of the month na. Nakakainis kasi yung kakaistorbo nila so what I did was to pay on the 1st week di ko pinaaabot ng due date nila. Been tied up with them for 9 months at dahil good payer ako, after the contract they were offering me loans amounting to 80K but I computed na ibabalik ko sakanila ay x2 ng pera na niloan ko. No thanks. :) Anyway, cold cash is advisable kesa mapeste ka ng tawag nila. Hay.

  2. If you plan of having a personal loan from them, don't bother yourself. They offer personal cash loans but with really high interest rates. Personally, I loaned 35k from them but the money you will be returning will amount to 50-60k already. Plus the fact that their agents are quick to harass you and your references.