Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Being Single And How To Be Good At It?

I'm not that good in writing, but I know something I believe I am good at, that is being SINGLE. If you are reading my previous blog posts or have watched The Achy, Breaky Hearts movie you might have an idea on what I am trying to say. Today, I can give you a different perspective in singlehood. Being single was never an easy thing, right? You will be surrounded with a lot of temptations, peer pressures, entertainment love fantasies and the like. The media always fed up our minds that it was not cool to be single through a lot of love teams, love shows, and love movies being offered in our eyes. We can also notice that as the generation goes by, love has been injected in a younger audience, telling that it’s okay to be in a relationship at the younger age.

Furthermore, going into social media, there were grade school students who practiced engagement proposals to their partners in their schools and their schoolmates were shouting and shaking with excitement because of the actual romance they've witnessed. It was really a different world now. After watching that video proposal of this grade school student, I feel like comparing myself to him. At that time, I only knew crushes and studies I didn’t even know what proposal and engagement was. And then I flashed back and asked myself, how would I know if at that age,

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tired Of Everything

tired of everything
I was literally tired today not just because the overloading tasks at work and the stress it gives to me but also about other things in life. I get exhausted with my emotions and end up not knowing what I should be feeling. Mentally, I don't want to think of all the problems I'm facing but it ends up to overthinking.

Yesterday, I was alone at the office and most of my workmates already went home. I browsed my Facebook and I found this article worth reading in Open Letters That Matter's page with the caption "Read This When You're Tired of Everything". It was a long letter and the writer really caught up what I am experiencing right now. It was a hope booster for me and I was encouraged to understand what life might be teaching me. I must commend the original author of this which is Ms. Heidi Priebe. She is a staff writer at Thought Catalog. You are not just beautiful, but an extraordinary woman that can touch the hearts of your readers. Thank you. 

Here's the letter:

I know what it’s like to feel tired – and not just in the physical sense.
The world that we live in is an exhausting place to be. It is wearing. It is thankless. It is endlessly trying and scarcely rewarding. You’re tired simply because you live in it. You’re tired of loving too much, caring too much, giving too much to a world that never gives anything back. You are tired of investing in indefinite outcomes. You’re tired of uncertainties. Tired of grey.